Jan 11, 2015

Micropinions vs. Micro-reviews

I was recently asked "What's the difference between micropinions and micro-reviews?" based on my paper "Micropinion Generation: An Unsupervised Approach to Generating Ultra-Concise Summaries of Opinions". The two concepts are actually fairly synonymous. Micropinion refers to a set of short phrases expressing opinions on a specific topic or entity. Here is an example of a micropinion summary of a restaurant:
As you can see, the size of micropinions are small enough that they would easily fit within the display of a hand-held device. Constraints can be imposed to limit the size of the overall generated micropinions. Micro-reviews on the other hand typically refer to reviews posted on social media websites like Twitter and Four Squares where the goal is to provide a review of a product or some service (e.g. restaurant) within the character limits imposed by these social media websites. Here are a few example of micro-reviews from Twitter:
So in essence, the terms micro-reviews and micropinions refer the same concept: Very concise opinions about an entity or topic often adhering to some constraints (e.g. character limit or word limit ). Hope this explains!

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