Sep 16, 2013

Final camera ready versions are painful!

This is the third time around I am getting an email telling me that "there are type 3 fonts used in your submitted pdf. Type 3 fonts are not allowed in material appearing in the ACM DL. Please create a good pdf with all Type 1 or TrueType fonts embedded as required". Not only did I have to find ways to convert all my images to eps, apparently I also have to make sure only embedded fonts are used. Isn't there a tool that does all these checks for you instead of having to read a long list of do's and dont's in submitting your final camera ready paper?

So finally what worked for me was to bypass WinEdt altogether and use the command line to compile my latex file and generate an acceptable pdf. Here's what I did: 

To compile your latex file
latex your_latex_filename

To generate a letter size pdf document after compilation:
dvipdfm -p letter your_latex_filename

To check what type of fonts your pdf document contains:
pdffonts your_pdf_filename.pdf

To force your pdf file to use embedded fonts and output a letter sized document:
dvips -t letter -Pdownload35 -o your_latex_filename.dvi
ps2pdf your_output_filename.pdf

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